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Review of Nair Easy Wax Roll-On

Nair Easy Wax Roll-On

Sounds like a good idea, a home, DIY, no heating required wax kit but it didn’t work.

This product sounded like a great idea. I am tiring of shaving my legs and don’t have the time to head to the local beauty salon to have my bits waxed with baby, so I spotted this in the local supermarket and decided to give it a go.

Its basically an easy to handle formed plastic tube of wax with roller, some disposable cloth strips and 2 small wipes.

You roll the wax on directly from the bottle, at room temperature, there’s no need for heating the wax. Then apply the cloth, whisk off and the hairs should come out too.  It all sounded so easy and so efficient.

The packaging claims you can use it on hair with just a week’s growth. I tried it after a week without shaving and it removed no hairs. I waited another week and it removed a few. I don’t think I’m abnormal in the rate of growth of hairs on my legs but I found this product totally ineffectual. I tried and tried, applying less wax, applying more wax, pressing down on the strips, removing them more slowly, more quickly, at different angles.  All to no avail.

Eventually the cloth strips ran out and my legs were still hairy.

A very disappointing product which I won’t bother buying again.

Rated 1/5 on Oct 06 2007 by ManicMammy
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October 6, 2007 at 5:40 pm

Review of Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Good value for money, crisp, zesty New Zealand white.

When it comes to white wines, I tend to avoid oaky or bland tasting grape varieties. Probably the result of too many company recruitment presentations in college where we drank some awful tasting but free plonk. Students eh?

Anyway, to date, my white tipple of choice has been any New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Babich is a reliable, good value for money, middle of the taste and price range example of this type of wine. Immediately a citrus bouquet, the lime and lemon flavours wake you up. Tropical fruit but definitely not a overly sweet wine. Crisp and fresh, this wine is a blend from vineyards in the Marlborough region.  

As has become commonplace with NZ wines, it comes in a screw top bottle. This is a wine to drink now and enjoy with some good seafood or to sip over an evening relaxing without breaking the bank.

Rated 3/5 on Oct 04 2007 by ManicMammy
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October 4, 2007 at 3:16 pm

Review of Full Marks Solution – treatment for head lice and nits

Full Marks Solution – treatment for head lice and nits

Fast working in 10 minutes, effective treatment for headlice but leaves the hair very greasy for several washes afterwards.

There are quite a number of things I could happily go through life without encountering. High on this list is headlice and nits. I really really hate these little fuckers. I have survived my own childhood and adulthood without any contact with them, but unfortunately parenthood and in particular, my 5 year old son has brought them to my world. He appears to attract them like a frigging magnet. Thankfully he’s my only child to date that seems to have this problem, but since starting school, as he’s very outgoing and friendly with other kids, he’s had three infestations of them so far.

The third of which I noticed this morning at 8am, when we were due to start school run at 8.50am. Arrrgghhh. Mornings are frantic enough here without any added excitement.

They are awful, skin crawlingly yeuchy creatures. Out came the bottle of Full Marks solution. This is brilliant stuff. Toxin free apparently and works well.

Its first advantage is that it does the job really quickly. Pour solution and massage into his hair and leave for 10 minutes. Its a bit uncomfortable for him as it tends to run down his neck and a bit around his face. Its a clear liquid and doesn’t really smell at all. So I tend to just drape a towel around his shoulders and he wipes off any stray liquid.

The kit comes with a metal comb which is far superior for removing the dead lice and nits that the plastic ones I have come across to date. After the 10 minutes are up, you comb the hair repeatedly until all the dead creatures are removed.

The hair is then washed. This is the only disadvantage of this product, it is very difficult to remove it completely from the hair as its quite oily, it usually takes several shampoos and washes over a few days.

Hair then should be re-inspected at 7 and 14 days to ensure no further lice/nits occur.

To date, I have only needed to apply it once for each occurance of headlice and it has worked very effectively. Would definitely recommend and now have a bottle on standby in case of another early morning crisis!

Rated 4/5 on Oct 02 2007 by ManicMammy
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October 2, 2007 at 11:54 am 1 comment

Review of Bandon town playground

Bandon town playground

Located on the bank of the river, this is a great children’s playground with plenty of equipment to suit all ages from babies, toddlers to older kids.

This is a relatively new playground, as far as I recall, its only open a couple of years. Its located on the banks of the river and can be accessed by crossing the footbridge from MacSwiney Quay or by road from North Main Street, just behind the town hall.

Our kids prefer the first route, as they get to see the ducks and the excitement of the weir, which adds to the whole trek.

The playground is relatively large. a great size for the kids to run about.  It is enclosed with a single entrance which leads on to the river walkway. It is easily accessible with a twin or single buggy. It has a great range of equipment. For the smallies, there’s enclosed baby swings, a selection of spring rockers and a toddler multi-play unit which is the shape of a train and includes a slide.

For the older children, a very large multiplay unit which includes 2 slides, 3 towers, ropes, fireman’s pole, climbing wall, balance pole and more. There is also a couple of tyre swings, a rotator, a roundabout and a bird’s nest swing.  

There are plenty of seats for parents too. The only disadvantage is that similarly to other playgrounds, it seems to be a hangout for teenagers at nighttime and so is prone to littering and occasional vandalism. That said, the council do keep a good eye on it and it does get cleaned and repaired regularly.

Definitely a great amenity to have locally.


Rated 4/5 on Oct 01 2007 by ManicMammy
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October 1, 2007 at 8:03 pm

Review of Irish Rail Cork to Dublin Intercity Service

Irish Rail Cork to Dublin Intercity Service

Trains every hour and a speedy journey make this the most relaxing way to travel intercity.

My three options for travelling from Cork to Dublin return are by car, by plane or by train. The car option is obviously the most flexible, I can suit myself but its hardly the most relaxing as is at best 3.5 hours in the driving seat and means I’ll arrive more tired than I’d like and in addition, theres the ever increasing petrol cost to factor in.

Flying can be cheap but then theres the hassle of check in and all the messing about and hanging around in airports which annoys me and the added possibility of delays or cancellations which are beyond my control.

Lately I have opted for taking the train. The intercity timetable is excellent now. Trains leave Cork very regularly, usually on the half past hour. In the opposite direction, they leave on the hour, every hour from 7am till 9pm. The journey takes just less than 3 hours.

You can now reserve your seat online. The trains I have been on over the past couple of months have been clean and modern. Plenty of legroom, stowage space and drop down tables. Comfortable seats and clean modern bathrooms.

The catering onboard the train is not great. The best that can be said for “cafe noir” coffee is that its hot. It tastes pretty gross. On my last journey, the mobile catering trolley wasn’t available so everyone had to make their way to the catering carriage.As result there ended up being a big queue. It was badly stocked, no sandwiches or anything substantial to eat available, just cold drinks, tea, coffee, chocolate, muffins or crisps.

The facilities in Cork’s Kent station are also very basic. The kiosk there also sells brutal coffee and had ran out of newspapers the last time I visited. Unfortunately there arent any other shops near Kent station so the choice is very limited to using this kiosk unless you have plenty of time to spare before your train departure.

In contrast Heuston station has a good range of food outlets with Supermacs, coffee shops, confectionary, newsagents, Easons book shop etc.  

The return ticket costs €61 which isn’t cheap but after 3 hours sitting relaxing, reading my book and listening to my music I arrive in Dublin refreshed and chilled out.


Rated 3/5 on Sep 30 2007 by ManicMammy
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September 30, 2007 at 9:23 pm

Review of Hell’s Kitchen USA Series 3

Hell’s Kitchen USA Series 3

Not enough cooking, too many stupid stunts. Ramsay’s loud, brash bullying wearing thin.

Just watched the third episode of this latest offering in the Hell’s Kitchen USA series and to be honest, I dont think I’ll bother watching the rest. I don’t really care who wins or loses.

The series is focussed on stupid stunts such as getting the contestants out in their pjs to catch fish thrown from the back of a truck. What the hell has that got to do with running a restaurant?

Ramsay has become a caricature, too loud, brash, bullying. It’s become predictable and boring. Very little focus so far on actual cooking. It doesn’t compare favourably at all to the Hell’s Kitchen Celebrity UK series that has recently finished. Marco Pierre White has a completely different style in the kitchen, tending more to praise and encourage those working for him, rather than berating and belittling them constantly.  I felt it worked better. In addition the demonstration “masterclass” of specific dishes was interesting and informative. Who could have known Worchestershire sauce was so versatile??

 Similarly Hell’s Kitchen USA compares unfavourably with Top Chef. In that series, contestants from a chef or catering background are again competing to become the top chef and win their own restaurant. However, the focus is much more on the food and cooking and it is, in my opinion, a much more entertaining and interesting program as result.

Hell’s Kitchen USA is overhyped and is trying too hard to sensationalise a series that in reality isn’t very interesting or exciting. It’s a pity but I for one, won’t be watching any longer.


Rated 1/5 on Sep 28 2007 by ManicMammy
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September 28, 2007 at 3:00 pm

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